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Photographer, Cinematographer, Artist, Oceanographer, Diver, Marine Conservationalist, Photojournalist, Filmmaker, Explorer

Internationally acclaimed, highly awarded French Artist Guy Chaumette shot his first provocative photographs at 7 years of age, processing them lovingly in his dark room in Paris. Entirely self-taught, he has an astounding ability to portray great beauty in the benign, capture a kaleidoscope of colour and reveal the loveliness of light.

“The foundations of my photography started in 1969, when I developed my first black and white picture. I still remember the day. The photographic paper was in the developer. I could see the photo I’d made revealing itself like magic under the red light of the photo lab. This single moment in time sealed my fate. I was a photographer then, and remained so for the rest of my life".

"My earliest childhood was spent developing photos, while watching Captain Cousteau on the black and white TV”.



Years before his global recognition as Pioneer and Leader in Underwater Photography & Film, Guy's photographic passion led him from Paris throughout South East Asia, where his powerful portrait, fashion and street-photography earned him the distinction of a leading Photojournalist of that time.

Going through a pro photo school in Paris, I soon embarked on a 6 year odyssey around South East Asia, building up my street photography. Back in the 70s, documenting people and places in China, Vietnam and India before they were open to tourism was the beginning of a journey from which I would never return”.

Guys iconic street photography and photo-journalism became highly coveted by magazines, pictorials and articles, and in the 70’s, he was commissioned to capture the essence of numerous eclectic personalities and characters around the world. Meanwhile, his erotic, provocatively charged style was fast being noticed in the world of fashion.

Throughout the 80’s, with a growing reputation as Fashion Photographer, Guy took on Advertising, Portraiture and Street Photo-Journalism freelance work, shooting imaginative and thought-provoking features about personalities, cultures and environments. His works included a mix of cultural and commercial and he became known for the controversial, creative style that provocatively captures feelings and creates emotion.

By the early 90's, the Photographer was exploring and documenting the globe, from the tiniest coral islands, to the most prolific seas.

guychaumette photography

"Guys art reflects the fantasy and exhilaration of escaping to a mystical space, while each piece breathes the energy and freshness of an inspiring imagination..."


guy chaumette artist liquid motion

“One of few who combine pure visual genius with ‘old school’ talent, French artist Guy Chaumette’s unique style places him as precursor of his genre...”

“Scuba diving originally came an excuse to earn a living while traveling and diving in the tropics. Of course I took the camera underwater. With a lifetime love of the ocean and passion for marine science, the underwater world was so ‘alive’ that my calling underwater was film. From the early 90’s until today, together with my wife Anita, we still focus on making extraordinary underwater films”.

“We got a lion’s share of awards and built a worldwide reputation. Working with National Geographic was another childhood dream come true for me. The rest is history”.

“In my heart, I am, and always was, a photographer".

As a world-famous Filmmaker & Director, it was only in recent years that Guys passion and love for the underwater combined with his creative photographic talent, and his marine artwork gained international recognition.

"Underwater photography is technically challenging and when technique is mastered, one can make some interesting photographs, but coming back to photography from filmmaking, I needed more. Having worked with image manipulation forever, the latest technologies allowed me to enter a new realm and introduce painting into my workflow. This allowed me to push the boundaries of reality, and enter a new world of ultimate creativity. As my new skills developed, I blended my photography with my painting and my old skills of photo processing. What started as fun drawings became more and more sophisticated, creative, emotionally charged art".

Guys Collections clearly depict a lifetime love of being underwater. The shimmering, hovering, explosion of marine colours. The teeming, dazzling life of the coral reefs. The forms and feelings. The freedom. The energy. The light. The flicker and glow of a magical world.

It was the beginning of a mystical era.

“The Ocean Collections reflect my feelings, emotions, experiences and a lifetime of being underwater, living, breathing, loving the marine creatures, the ocean, coral reefs and their inhabitants”…

Today, Guys images are compelling works of Art, highly coveted by Collectors. His Ocean Collections can be viewed in luxurious hotels, galleries, prominent corporations and private homes around the globe.

A lifetime love of the ocean deeply inspires all that he creates.

“Guys art is as eclectic as his talent brilliant. A wealth of creativity underpins an evidence of skill, making his images compelling works of fine art, and accounting for his following by collectors of all age” (The Times).